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The Calico Club opens closed doors in the worlds of art, architecture and design. The calendar is designed to inspire, educate and entertain through considered, intelligent, lively events and thought-provoking conversations with tastemakers and creatives. The programme is updated regularly, so please keep an eye on the website for more detailed information.

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Thursday 26th May 2022

Tim Gosling on Colour

‘As designers, we all think we understand colour, but I am constantly in awe of all I learn through the lens of history and the time we are living in’, says Tim Gosling ‘from Sir John Soane’s Distorted Pompeiian Red to the Trellis Green created specifically for use as an architectural colour in all French garden design’. Join Tim Gosling for lunch at his home as he shares some fascinating and little known insights and discoveries into the provenance of colour.


Thursday 16th June 2022

On Form: at Asthall Manor

Often cited as the most romantic in the Cotswolds, the gardens at Asthall Manor lay home to a biennial celebration of contemporary stone sculpture; ‘On form’. The exhibition explores the relationship of nature and art, and each year presents new challenges to garden designers Isabel and Julian Bannerman. Once home to the Mitford sisters, and immortalised in the ‘Pursuit of Love’, the Jacobean Manor sits along the willow-bordered River Windrush which is now home to Rosie Pearson who co-curates the exhibition with curator Anna Greenacre.

Join Isabel, Rosie and Anna for an early-evening private view of the exhibition.

Tuesday 21st June 2022

Summer Solstice: Lunch with Max Rollitt

Join Max Rollitt at his showroom in the South Downs to celebrate the Summer Solstice, and enjoy lunch among the designer and dealer’s most tantalising antique pieces.

Max has spent the best part of three decades honing his eye, and it is at his showroom that his knowledge and skills as an interior designer, antique dealer and crafter of traditional furniture come together.


Thursday 7th July 2022

Meet the Maker: Studio Pottery London with Gregory Tingay and Lucy Attwood

Whether it’s a pot, vase or plate, handmade ceramics are treasures that last for generations, and learning to make them can be an even greater pleasure. Join master potter and former Benedictine monk, Gregory Tingay and Studio Pottery London director Lucy Attwood for a spirited introduction to the joys of throwing. 

Members will learn how to wedge – prepare the clay – as well as centre – secure the clay on the wheel – and throw – pulling up the walls of the clay into a cylinder, and can choose their favourite piece to be fired and glazed.


September 2022

At home: with Keith Johnson and Glen Senk

Keith Johnson and Glen Senk’s search for a retreat from Florida’s heat took them to a historic house in south west England, which is now a refreshing amalgamation of American creativity and English country ideals. Join them for lunch and a tour of their wonderful house – which was featured in the May issue of House & Garden – to learn about the restoration process and the fascinating stories behind some of their most treasured items.

More details to follow.